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We are best known for our great deals on high quality products for distributors, fast and reliable customer service, extremely low return rate, on time shipments, and extremely satisfied customers. Here at Solaire TV Cover Company we are 100% dedicated to your completed satisfaction. If any issues were to arise we would work with you to help in any way we can.

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Product Guide

32" Solaire Outdoor TV Cover  Model# SOL32G-2 MSRP  $49.95
38" Solaire Outdoor TV Cover  Model# SOL39G     MSRP  $59.95
42" Solaire Outdoor TV Cover  Model# SOL42G     MSRP  $64.95
46" Solaire Outdoor TV Cover  Model# SOL46G     MSRP  $74.95
55" Solaire Outdoor TV Cover  Model# SOL55G     MSRP  $89.95
70" Solaire Outdoor TV Cover  Model# SOL70G     MSRP  $114.95

*Year-round protection*

*Designed for bracket and freestanding applications*

*Provides protection against water, sun, dust, snow, and mildew*

*Soft, non-scratch interior fabric*

*Marine grade materials weather the harsh elements*

*Neutral grey color limits heat buildup*

*Exclusive "Bracket mud flap" protects rear bracket opening*

*Interior remote control pocket*

*Unique dual-zipper design provides maximum coverage and is easy to use with either bracket or stand applications*

Reflects Heat

Water Resistant

Bracket Flap

About Us

Thank you for visiting solairecovers.com.  Solaire Covers was created to provide wholesale high quality, affordable TV covers for outdoor use. Your clients are finding that getting covers to protect their TV’s is a real chore.  They have to measure the TV, provide those measurements to a canvas tailor, and then wait two weeks for the cover to be made.  These custom covers cost between $100 and $250.

The typical price of a 42” universal TV cover is $100. We searched the Internet and ordered every cover that we could find.  Some took three weeks to arrive.  Some covers were made from thin vinyl used for banners and signs, and some were actually good.  Not one cover had all the features we include at standard charge, inner lining, interior remote pocket, dual zippers.  No covers presently available even attempts to try and enclose the rear bracket opening.  The Solaire Covers rear “Mud Flap” does a great job of keeping rain from entering the bracket opening.

I discussed the project with my friend, Rodney Greene, who happens to be a mechanical engineer, and together, we began to design a “Better Mousetrap.”  He subsequently became a partner.   We spent time evaluating all the covers I bought, determining the good, bad and the ugly of each.  Our path toward producing our cover began with finding just the right fabric, making prototypes, and basically, trying to perfect our design.  And finally, we found the best factory to produce Solaire Covers.

Solaire Covers is dedicated to providing you with the opportunity to have  readily available, high margin TV Covers for your customers.

Our quality improvement processes include a commitment to continuous design enhancements as well as improvements to all facets of our company.   And just as we seek out the input of factory workers, sales associates and customer service agents, we also welcome your comments, ideas, and feedback.  Please let us hear from youideas@solairecovers.com with any questions you may have regarding outdoor TV covers, outdoor TV's or mounts.   Thank you again for visiting solairecovers.com.

Enjoy the outdoors, 
Alan Turry
Founder and CEO

We've got you you covered with Solaire TV covers.

Solaire TV Covers are the best choice for your customers.

Solaire Covers have proven to provide the most complete protection for Outdoor placement of standard Flat Screen Televisions.   Your customers want to watch TV out by their pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchen, or simply on their decks.  Outdoor living is the single biggest trend of 2016.  Don't you think it is your duty to provide customers what they want?  Whether they realize it or not, it is necessary to protect TV's from sun, dust, rain, and snow.  You can be the "hero" by recommending a standard flat screen with a cover instead of an "Outdoor TV" that costs many thousands of dollars. 

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