Solaire Covers
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Wholesale Outdoor TV Covers
Solaire TV Covers are the best choice for your customers.

Solaire Covers have proven to provide the most complete protection for Outdoor placement of standard Flat Screen Televisions.   Your customers want to watch TV out by their pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchen, or simply on their decks.  Outdoor living is the single biggest trend of 2012.  Don't you think it is your duty to provide customers what they want?  Whether they realize it or not, it is necessary to protect TV's from sun, dust, rain, and snow.  You can be the "hero" by recommending a standard flat screen with a cover instead of an "Outdoor TV" that costs many thousands of dollars.

We offer direct sales for Dealers and our  minimum  purchase is $500.

Nationwide  Distributor   800-888-8876
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